St. James News

Council approves bid for DRA project

            The St. James City Council accepted bids on a Delta Regional Authority (DRA) funded expansion of water services in the intersection of Hardy and Wishon Streets, located near Prock Operations, on June 16. The city has already completed a DRA project to expand sidewalks near the facility as well as paving an alleyway nearby and will use the remainder of funding to expand water services and to install a new fire hydrant and manholes.

School board hears spending plan to reopen

    The St. James Board of Education held a discussion on a spending plan to reopen schools this fall. Due to COVID-19, state funding cuts, and the cost to reopen schools due additional procedures caused by the pandemic, the board agreed to make some cuts in what the school typically funds, such as field trips, paid travel for professional development, and other programs as the district prepares for a tight budget.

Forest City Health Mart ready to accept Mercy patients

    Mercy Pharmacy, located on the corner of Eldon and Jefferson Street in St. James, will be closing on June 19. Forest City Health Mart Pharmacy has purchased the client list from Mercy, so those needing to pick up medications can still do so at one of two locations in St. James.

City will follow Phase 2 of state reopening plan

    The city of St. James will enter Phase 2 of Governor Mike Parson’s statewide Show Me Strong Recovery Plan, slowly reopening city facilities. Plans are already in place to open the pool for the summer later this month and the city is looking at opening other facilities such as the community hall, historic train depot, and more following the guidelines presented by state health officials.

Graduation will benefit from state reopening

    St. James graduation will benefit from Governor Mike Parson’s announcement last week that Missouri would fully reopen and enter Phase 2 of the “Show Me Strong Recovery” plan. Seniors will be allowed to bring more guests than expected, but social distancing will still be encouraged.